Thursday Win

Bum ba dum bum!

The winner is #4: Lo! Yay! I’ll email you for your address!

My all-time favorite part of the holiday season is Christmas eve. My entire family (aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, EVERYONE!)  gets together for food and the White Elephant game. As a kid, we had it at my memaw’s house. She lived half an hour away down a dirt road. I loved leaving her house that night knowing that Santa was coming and that maybe he had already come. One night, my cousin and I swore up and down we saw him fly over the full moon.  As our family got bigger, her house became too small so it moved to my parents’ house. I loved having everyone there with lots of good food. I’m very sad I won’t be home for Christmas this year.

Another favorite part of the holidays for me is a fairly new part. Every year Kyle’s mom and aunts get together and bake cookies all day one day. Hundreds and hundreds of cookies. I love going to whichever house it’s being held at and rolling out dough or icing cookies with his aunts and cousins. Again, I’m sad I won’t be there this year.

Anyway, enough sad. Lo has some ornaments coming her way!


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