April 3, 2009

This week was crazy! I started working 5 days a week in the coffee shop because my boss is about to pop. (No really. I think if someone were to poke her belly, she’d pop.) 4:00 mornings left me drained! On Thursday morning I realized that  I didn’t do my Inspire Me Wednesday. And I had something to share, something good…


I found out about Kindred through decor8. It’s a collection of free, gorgeous wallpaper backgrounds. It’s pure eye candy! I’m currently using this one as my background. I love it!

More catch-up…

Later this year, I’ll be closing Lemonade Accessories. I’m still going to be sewing, I’ll just be under a new name, making new things. You can bookmark or heart my new Etsy shop here. More on when the change will happen later. Right now, I’m looking at anywhere between June-August. If you want something in Lemonade, grab it! Olive and Jude will have different items and I’ll be focusing on vintage and eco-friendly fabrics.

Have a great weekend!


Newsy news
March 16, 2009

I totally just made that phrase up.

Anyway, some changes coming to the shop. Good changes. Changes that will make things easier for me and (hopefully) easier for you. It’s actually only one change: new items will be added on Mondays. That’s typically my day off at the coffee shop so that leaves my day wide open to add new lovelies for everyone. Another reason I decided on this is the fact that I can make things during the weekend and have them up in the shop (sunlight permitting, photographing the items, you know) on Monday. To preview what will be added, I’m going to blog them (or most of them) on Sunday.

And I know I’ve totally been slacking on the Inspire me Wednesday posts but I don’t have my laptop. I mean, I have it but it’s dead, therefore, I cannot access my cute graphic that I made. Also, I can’t pinpoint what’s been inspiring me lately. I honestly think it’s the fact that I feel our house is too cluttered and if I make things out of my supplies, they will sell and then the house will be less cluttered and we’ll have some extra money. How do I put that into a picture for you? I could take pics of my house but then I would realize that it’s actually not cluttered at all. Anyway. I’ll be back with them this Wedneday for real.

So this week only two things will be added to the shop because I just came up with this idea yesterday. I can sew fast but not that fast.

Elizabeth Make-Up Bag – $10

Jordy Pleated Pouch – $9


I hope you’ll stop by the shop tomorrow!

Excuses, excuses
March 4, 2009

There was no Inspire me Wednesday last week because…I really couldn’t pinpoint what was inspiring me. (Bad excuse, right?)

Well, there’s no IMW this week either. For the same reason.

Also, my laptop is dead. Totally KO. The powercord that I just bought 6 months ago no longer works (hey, thanks Olive!)  Kyle and I both messed with it last night to no avail. I have pictures of new things for the shop on there and, obviously, I can’t get to them so I don’t know when I’ll be able to add new things. (Which totally sucks.) I’ve been working from Kyle’s computer the past few days so I can still respond to emails and ship orders.

Just wanted to let you all know what’s going on and that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

Until I can add new things to the shop, you can check out some new things at Lemon Loves Paper and shop the headband sale!

Sicky McSick
January 29, 2009

I apologize for the lack of giveaway this week. Sunday, I was horribly sick with what I thought was food poisoning. Turns out, it was, more than likely, stomach flu because Monday? Kyle was just as sick. Tuesday morning was spent at the doctor with Kyle, hoping they had an appointment open for him. They didn’t so Wednesday morning was also spent at the dr. After we got done there, I went to the university to take the CLEP (I passed, yay!) All this while having to work in the afternoons. I’m exhausted.

The point of this post wasn’t just to tell you all not to come to my house because you’ll surely get sick, I also wanted to show off some things that will be coming to the shop soon!



The pouch is a new coin pouch design. I love it! What do you think?

Also, I now own the domain So you can take or leave the dash, you’ll get to me eiher way!

My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine…
January 11, 2009

I’ve added a new banner to the homepage as well as some gift ideas for your valentine!


These items will change weekly until Valentine’s Day. Look for a few new wristlets and a brand new style of coin pouch shortly! Oh, and a giveaway tomorrow. I promise.

Sneaky Peek
November 24, 2008


Just click here to start your shopping! And a little secret…the code is valid right now! Yep. Just between you and I, the code is valid now through December 1st. Happy shopping!

Kid, you’ll move mountains!
October 12, 2008

Hello all and I apologize for the delay in posting! I’m moving right now (no really, I’m typing from Watson Lake in the YUKON.) I’m unable to ship anything from Oct. 1 – Oct. 31. I’m also unable to create anything and it’s bumming me out.

Anyway, I’ve left everything up in the shop so feel free to browse and/or buy. I’ll still be able to get things out for the holidays and I’m even hoping to do a few holiday shows up in Anchorage. I’ll keep you guys informed better, I promise!

Shop Update!
September 17, 2008


Those are the latest additions to the site! Look for a giveaway tomorrow and Freshman Friday on…duh…Friday!

Ever Changing
September 15, 2008

Things with me are ever changing. My ideas, plans, goals…no wait, I don’t set goals.

Anyway, you get it.

So right now I’m in the process of doing 3 things:

  1. Finishing this wedding.
  2. Preparing for the move.
  3. Making my website my bread and butter.

See how those are in order? Yes? Ok. Now flip that list upside down and that’s where my priorities are. Yup, I’m a strange breed of girl who puts her “job” (I like doing it too much for it to be a real job) over planning a wedding. Darn you Jennifer Lopez for making wedding planning look so cool and glamorous. It’s so not like that.

So anyway, I’m not going to be listing anymore new things in my shop and I’ll likely take out the few fall things that I have listed. Those will go over to the new website and I’ll just be renewing what’s in the shop until I sell all the inventory. Hopefully when we get settled in Alaska, I can do a big grand opening for my site with advertising and everything. SO EXCITING!

Also, look for another giveaway this week. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow so I’ll probably do it then. Seriously, I don’t have anything to do tomorrow. Wedding in 5 days and nothing to do? Believe it.

Freshman Friday: The Polka Dot Daisy
September 12, 2008

On my other blog (which I have recently revived), I used to do this thing called Freshman Friday. I use Etsy’s Pounce feature to find an awesome new seller. The name ‘Freshman Friday’ comes from high school when one Friday (typically at the beginning of the school year) unsuspecting freshman would get tossed into dumpsters or hogtied in the hallway by upperclassmen. Don’t worry, these freshmand were usually annoying or complete jerks so they deserved it.

ANYWAY, I’ve decided to move Freshman Friday over to this blog. Every Friday I’ll feature a new Etsier that I think rocks. This Friday is The Polka Dot Daisy.




I love the simplicity of these cards and I’m a sucker for anything with fruit on it (images of fruit or actual fruit, I’ll take either.) Check out her shop, you won’t regret it!