Inspire Me Wednesday: 3.25.09
March 25, 2009


I totally forgot it was Wednesday! It’s ok, though. I had something in mind to blog about so it was just a matter of getting it all together!

This week it’s all about Orla Kiely. I first heard of her a few weeks, maybe a month or so, ago over on Decor8. Holly had written about the new Orla Kiely line for Target. I went to Target Monday not even thinking about this line. But I saw it. And I let out a gasp. I immediately grabbed a coffee cup and put it in my basket. Then my rational side kicked in…we have 18 coffee cups already and I’m the only one that uses them. I don’t need another right now. Even if it is the cutest coffee cup I’ve ever seen. If this line had been in Target last year, I would have registered for the wedding at Target instead of Bed Bath and Beyond.


So far out of my price range but still so lovely! The simple shapes, patterns, and colors are right up my alley. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Inspire Me Wednesday: 3.18.09
March 18, 2009

Told you I’d have one today! This week features just one source of inspiration: Lady GaGa.

mosaic3688213Her style (as well as her music) is so funky and fun, I can’t help but love it.

Inspire Me Wednesday: Week Three
February 18, 2009

I know I normally share four things that have been inspiring me but this week, there’s just one thing really.


I had heard about this book a while ago but didn’t think anything of it. I finally decided that I wanted to see what it was all about so Saturday night after dinner, Kyle humored me and we went to Barnes & Noble. I started reading it like I would a regular book but kept running into things that don’t really apply to me (example: outsourcing your work.) As a result, I decided to use it like a reference book. It’s wonderful!

She makes it all sound so simple but not in the way that you’re like,” Dangit. SHE made it sound so easy!” More like, “I can totally do that!” Also, the book itself is seriously cute. I mean, look at the front cover. The inside is just as cute.

If you’re a crafter looking to turn your hobby into a business, I suggest picking up this book.