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Oh man.
April 20, 2009

As in, “Oh man, am I behind with my blogging!”

There won’t be any new items added to the shop today…hopefully a few tomorrow or later on in the week. I have some new bags in the works! I’m going to start introducing things to Lemonade Accessories that are similar to the things that I’ll be carrying in Olive and Jude so that everyone can get a feel for the new shop.

Three new eyeglass cases were added last week…perfectly Spring!

aviaryAviary Eyeglass Case – $8

Elizabeth Eyeglass Case – $8

Jelly Bean Eyeglass Case – $7


How peculiar…
January 11, 2009

On my site stats, I can see how people got to my site. A few people have gotten there by Googling “Alice Headband.” At first I thought, “Wow! How do people know I have a headband named Alice?”

Then I realized they were probably looking for a headband like Alice’s.

Freshman Friday: Prairie Path
November 14, 2008

Friday again! This week’s Freshman Friday is Prairie Path. They have adorable totes, perfect for the library…I mean, they say “READ” right on them! Just click the photo to go to its listing on Etsy. Happy Friday everyone!

Winner winner chicken dinner
September 4, 2008

The B&W giveaway is officially over and I’ve chosen the winners!


Winner #1

‘in the breeze.’ by Wishcake.

I love it because hair is flowing, the ear piercing is super cute, and it makes me think of freedom and summer road trips.

Winner #2 is this photo from Lucy. I can’t embed it in here because it’s a GIF. Anyway, I like it because it looks old and if you know me, you know I love old photos. And I love the depth of field.

Congrats, ladies! I’ll be emailing you shortly!

Technology Shmechonology
September 3, 2008

The black and white giveaway has been extended until my internet decides to act right. It’s been cutting in and out all afternoon so it’s a miracle that I’m posting this.

For those of you who haven’t entered, just go here and post your fave black and white photo!

At least I wasn’t playing Rock Band
September 2, 2008

My fall things are almost done. Three headbands and a make-up bag to go! I meant to finish them up today but I had to try out this idea I had yesterday.

I’m all out of pins to include in my orders and I didn’t want to buy more right now. I had this gallon-sized Ziploc bag full of fabric scraps. I was going to take it to the Goodwill with a bunch of other stuff but I decided to keep it and make these…

They’re patches! They’re my new freebies/promo items to be sent along with orders and promo packs. I love them! I think they’re way more representative of my shop than pins or magnets. Plus, it’s like recycling and since I’m working on making the shop a little “greener,” they couldn’t be more perfect.

So I didn’t finish the headbands and make-up bag today but I made these cool little things. I also didn’t make a dent in that bag of fabric scraps.

Hey, look out for that moving van driving down our street!
August 14, 2008

It’s no secret that I’m moving soon. What’s unfortunate is that I have all of these ideas for the shop and I finally have the money to do some real advertising while I’m preparing to move.

I’m going to hold off on the paid advertising for now but I think I will go ahead with one of my ideas:
“design your own” items. Above are the graphics I created for these listings…what do you think? I wanted the name of the item to look handwritten and I played around with a few fonts before I decided on the one above. I didn’t want to have a white background because it blends in with Etsy but a colored background seemed too loud. If you have any suggestions for me, leave me a comment…I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to making graphics so I’d love to hear what you have to say!

I can hear the bells.
August 12, 2008

I treated myself to something not craft related today, the Hairspray soundtrack. 😀

I can’t wait to listen to it while I’m sewing and working out (not at the same time, you know.) I’m planning on doing some sewing tonight, I’ve got a few custom orders to finish. It’s a super fun movie (and soundtrack) but my husband doesn’t know that it’s one of my new favorite things. Let’s keep that between us, world wide web.

I was listening to it on the way home and I started getting teary eyed…darn those horomones.