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Oh man.
April 20, 2009

As in, “Oh man, am I behind with my blogging!”

There won’t be any new items added to the shop today…hopefully a few tomorrow or later on in the week. I have some new bags in the works! I’m going to start introducing things to Lemonade Accessories that are similar to the things that I’ll be carrying in Olive and Jude so that everyone can get a feel for the new shop.

Three new eyeglass cases were added last week…perfectly Spring!

aviaryAviary Eyeglass Case – $8

Elizabeth Eyeglass Case – $8

Jelly Bean Eyeglass Case – $7


Thank you, Dell!
March 21, 2009

I finally got myself a new laptop cord! Yay! I ordered it on Wednesday and got it Thursday. How awesome is that? I only asked for regular shipping. Kyle said that he thinks we get things shipped to us super fast (this isn’t the first thing that’s come before we expected) because people see that we’re military so they ship it fast. I say it’s because it takes forever to get stuff up here and we have to pay an arm and a leg so they say, “hey. we’re totally ripping this girl off by charging her $16 for regular shipping to Alaska. I think I’ll bump her up to 2nd day air (or next day) for free.” Either way, thank you Dell. (And Alienware and Victoria’s Secret. Pajamas. Get your head on straight.)

So now that  have access to my own computer, I can finally add some things to the shop that have been hanging around for weeks. Want a sneak peek? I know you do.




These three things, along with another wristlet and a make-up bag, will be added to the shop on Monday. I’m also going to be retaking a LOT of pictures tomorrow. The site is going to look fresh for Spring!

Also, if you’d like to join my new mailing list, just send an email to with the subject line “Mailing List.” Please be sure to tell me which email address you’d like the newsletters sent to! They will go out once a week and include (even more) sneak peeks, looks behind the scenes of Lemonade Accessories, and discounts that only mailing listers will get!

Newsy news
March 16, 2009

I totally just made that phrase up.

Anyway, some changes coming to the shop. Good changes. Changes that will make things easier for me and (hopefully) easier for you. It’s actually only one change: new items will be added on Mondays. That’s typically my day off at the coffee shop so that leaves my day wide open to add new lovelies for everyone. Another reason I decided on this is the fact that I can make things during the weekend and have them up in the shop (sunlight permitting, photographing the items, you know) on Monday. To preview what will be added, I’m going to blog them (or most of them) on Sunday.

And I know I’ve totally been slacking on the Inspire me Wednesday posts but I don’t have my laptop. I mean, I have it but it’s dead, therefore, I cannot access my cute graphic that I made. Also, I can’t pinpoint what’s been inspiring me lately. I honestly think it’s the fact that I feel our house is too cluttered and if I make things out of my supplies, they will sell and then the house will be less cluttered and we’ll have some extra money. How do I put that into a picture for you? I could take pics of my house but then I would realize that it’s actually not cluttered at all. Anyway. I’ll be back with them this Wedneday for real.

So this week only two things will be added to the shop because I just came up with this idea yesterday. I can sew fast but not that fast.

Elizabeth Make-Up Bag – $10

Jordy Pleated Pouch – $9


I hope you’ll stop by the shop tomorrow!

Gifts and Swaps and Snow, oh my!
February 17, 2009

I haven’t been updating the shop with new things lately…not because I haven’t been making things. Oh no. Remember that thing called the Superbowl? Remember how I don’t like football that much? Yea? Well, while Kyle and friends were downstairs watching the game, I was upstairs cutting like a crazy lady. I seriously cut out about 5 or 6 pleated pouches and 3 or 4 wristlets. Over the next week, I sewed up two of those wristlets and 3 of the pouches. The other ones have yet to be sewn because I don’t have the right zippers for them. Note to sef: order more zippers.

So anyway, I have yet to put the things I did sew in the shop because the weather lately has been so gloomy. It’s snowed some days and just been cloudy others. Of course, when I have to work at the coffee shop, the sun comes out and it’s a beautiful day. I can’t wait until this summer when it’s daylight all the time!

So since I can’t sew up those other items and I can’t photograph the things I did finish, I decided to get started on the baby gifts I planned to make. My boss, Heidi, is due March 31st and my cousin, Kristen, is due June 22nd. I’m not going to post Kristen’s gifts here until after she’s opened them. 😉


These are Heidi’s. I made her two burp cloths, two wash cloths, and a blanket. I’m really pleased with how the blanket (the one with yellow trim) turned out! She’s having a girl and I was afraid this wasn’t girly enough but then I remembered that Heidi herself isn’t very girly.

Another thing keeping me away are a few swaps. I’m doing a grocery tote swap over on Craftster and a few ATC swaps on SISTV. I’ve finished my cards for the first ATC swap but I’m gonna wait a bit to do the cards for the second because they’re not due until late March. My next focus will be the grocery tote!

December 14, 2008

Idid a little sewing today! I also photographed a ton of new stuff. I made lots of things right before we moved but never got the chance to photograph them…well, the sun actually came out today! I didn’t have to mess with my desk lamp or the settings on my camera. It was just like old times…*sigh*


Look for this little pouch as well as make-up bags and some more pouches in the next few days. Those of you in the US (and probably Canada) still have time to order for Christmas!

Get into the Groove
August 4, 2008

We got back from Texas almost two weeks ago. Since then, my main focus was Lemon Loves Paper. I made a few sets of cards and then I ran out of envelopes. This proved to be a good thing, as it allowed me to get back to sewing which is, I have to be honest, my love.

This afternoon I cut out some new mini-totes. Hopefully I’ll get them sewn tomorrow and in the shop later this week. I have such a full schedule, I don’t know if it’ll get done, though.

I’m sorry. Did I say I had a full schedule? ‘Cause I don’t. I basically do what I want when I want…lately it’s been playing with my kittens and wasting time on Etsy.

But I’m trying to get back into the groove…back into sewing and creating regularly. It seems to be coming back little by little.