Thank you, Dell!

I finally got myself a new laptop cord! Yay! I ordered it on Wednesday and got it Thursday. How awesome is that? I only asked for regular shipping. Kyle said that he thinks we get things shipped to us super fast (this isn’t the first thing that’s come before we expected) because people see that we’re military so they ship it fast. I say it’s because it takes forever to get stuff up here and we have to pay an arm and a leg so they say, “hey. we’re totally ripping this girl off by charging her $16 for regular shipping to Alaska. I think I’ll bump her up to 2nd day air (or next day) for free.” Either way, thank you Dell. (And Alienware and Victoria’s Secret. Pajamas. Get your head on straight.)

So now that  have access to my own computer, I can finally add some things to the shop that have been hanging around for weeks. Want a sneak peek? I know you do.




These three things, along with another wristlet and a make-up bag, will be added to the shop on Monday. I’m also going to be retaking a LOT of pictures tomorrow. The site is going to look fresh for Spring!

Also, if you’d like to join my new mailing list, just send an email to with the subject line “Mailing List.” Please be sure to tell me which email address you’d like the newsletters sent to! They will go out once a week and include (even more) sneak peeks, looks behind the scenes of Lemonade Accessories, and discounts that only mailing listers will get!


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