Inspire me Wednesday: Week One


Yesterday I had an idea. An idea that I should share with all of you what has been inspiring me lately. So every Wednesday, I’m going to post four things that have been inspiring me in hopes that they will spark something in you.


One: Amy Butler. I love her fabrics and the ‘inspiration’ section of her site is full of gorgeous photos like this one.

Two: The Office. It’s my new love. I watch it when I’m sewing or working on paper things. It’s so good, why didn’t anyone make me watch it sooner?

Three: U2. I used to not like them (and I’m still not fond of Bono) but I finally found this CD (try to find it up here, I dare you) and I’ve been listening to it all the time. Pride (In the Name of Love) is more wonderful than I had ever realized.

Four: My day job. Yes, I’m inspired by my day job. I make coffee. How great is that? I get to make fancy coffee drinks and smoothies and I get paid for it. Some of my customers are so amazingly sweet and always happy to get their coffee, even if they have to wait a little longer because I’m busy with another customer. I’m trying to work on my patience (as I have been for years) and this is certainly helping.


4 Responses

  1. Oh I love this!!

  2. Great idea! Great inspo!!

  3. Love this – I am already getting some inspirational ticklings. I will put your blog in my google reader.

  4. What a cool idea.

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