Show and Tell

I missed Freshman Friday yesterday so I thought I’d take a minute today to show off some of the things I’ve purchased lately. We’re fortunate enough to have a little extra money so I went on a little shopping spree!

I wanted some Christmas decorations so I picked up these…

This snowflake dish from Pink Kiss Ceramics serves as a candle holder on our dining room table.

I had been looking for some trees like this but could only find ones made in China. I didn’t think I’d find any on Etsy that I could afford but I did! These are from Tella. Although, I have to warn you, kitties like to play with them. I had them on the end table and woke up one morning to find the red one upstairs in our bedroom. The next day, I found the green one in the living room floor. I decided to put them in the windowsill over the kitchen sink. That night I found the grey one in the sink. They are currently on the back ledge of the stove and I’m waiting (patiently, I might add) for us to get an entertainment center so I can display them properly.

Last in this show & tell session is this print from CharlieMotel

She’s closing her Etsy shop and I’m sad. This print is one of my favorite things I have ever bought on Etsy! It’s so cute and absolutley perfect. Check out her shop (and all these shops) for Christmas gifts…or a treat for yourself.


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