Freshman Friday: Llimping Llama Farm

As if I wasn’t hungry before I found this shop! LlimpingLlamaFarm only has a few things in their shop right now but everything looks scrumptious!

These are called “Lydia’s Wicked Good Brownies.” I have a feeling that the word ‘wicked’ isn’t in there for Halloween. Brownies are my absolute favorite sweet treat and these pass my “OMG those look so good, I need one rightthissecond” test.

Garlic knots because, let’s be honest, garlic bread just isn’t enough for me. I’ll eat anything with garlic on it and I’d love to give these a try! Maybe I’ll order some when we’re out of groceries and it’s too cold to go to the commissary.

Rent a Maple Tree.
HOW COOL IS THAT?! You can rent a tree and they make you maple syrup. You get at least one GALLON of handmade maple syrup. Seriously. I once said that I’d like to marry maple syrup, it’s so much better than the artificial stuff!


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