As you may, or may not, have known, the wedding was this past weekend. It went beautifully but I don’t have pics yet…my camera went missing for the majority of the day. Go figure. Oh well, I think everyone there took a motherload of pictures so I’ll get some sooner or later!

With all of the excitement of the wedding and moving, I’ve had to decide what to do with my shops. We leave on October 3rd and we should be in Alaska around the 17th. From October 1st to the 27th, I will not be able to ship. I’m leaving the shop up so that people can (hopefully) start their holiday shopping. Since most hotels have free WiFi, I’ll still be able to blog, answer convos, and respond to sales.  Sound good? Yes? Ok.

I did a little shop update earlier…

Have a great Thursday, all! Freshman Friday is tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Cute blog! Found you on etsy. Alaska sounds great!

  2. congratulations, again! can’t wait to see the wedding pics…but i will ’cause i have to. 🙂
    double kudos for keeping up two blogs, too.

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