Around the state in 48 hours


Six hours isn’t really a long drive. Unless you’re by yourself in which case, it’s a lifetime!

I left on Saturday morning (after a lovely wedding shower at church) to visit Kyle. We ate at a fantastic Mexican restaurant Sat. night. It was really authentic and so delicious. Why don’t we have places like that around here? I like tex-mex but authentic Mexican food is to die for.

Sunday was fantastic, we went to this really neat outdoor mall. Lunch at Five Guys, new phones (the new LG Dare, which kicks so much butt) from Verizon, and Marble Slab ice cream (birthday cake with cookie dough mixed in.) Kyle said, “Why’d you get this ice cream? It tastes like I’m eating frozen icing. I think I am eating frozen icing.” Of course, that was after he’d eaten half of the bowl.

So now I’m home ready to get back to the shop…oh and planning the wedding. It’s in 12 days! He’ll be home for good in 20 days and I can’t wait.

I took my film camera and shot some B&W and I started a roll of color. I’m getting the B&W developed tomorrow and I’ll show and tell!


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  1. OMG, MARBLE SLAB>?!!?!?@@@?! Tim and I went there when we first started dating. His favorite was birthday cake with white chocolate chips and sprinkles, and I usually had cinnamon with apple and granola. Marble Slab brings me back some good memories, of getting fat! Haha.

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