Burnin’ Down the House

A wrench has been thrown into my plans for the shop.

A few months ago, the powercord to my laptop died. I ordered a new one on Amazon because it was way cheaper than buying one from Dell. It worked perfectly. Then last month, my battery began dying. I got my new battery last week. Again, I bought it from Amazon because I didn’t want to pay $170 for a new battery from Dell.

Everything was great until I started smelling a burning smell when I was on my computer. I’d look at the bottom and smell it and nothing would be wrong. I’d shut it down anyway because I didn’t want it to burst into flames in my lap. So Thursday, after I’d been on the computer for about 5 minutes, I noticed this really strong burning plastic smell. Again, I looked at the bottom of my computer and everything looked a-okay. So I had a thought, “maybe it’s the powercord.” So I picked it up and the adapter part was SPARKING.

Needless to say, I unplugged it at the speed of light.

So now my laptop battery is dead, the sparking powercord is on it’s way back to the company, and I (hopefully) have a new and compatible powercord on it’s way to me.

All of my photos for the shop are on my laptop and I obviously can’t access them right now. The fall stuff may debut a little later than the 5th. 😦


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  1. bummer. hope you get that fixed soon 🙂

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