It Don’t Matter if it’s Black or White

Boo-yah. Another song is my title.

I decided to do another giveaway so soon because, well, I’m just nice. And this time, I’m giving away two items. Two pincushions to be exact.

All you have to do to win one of these is post the link to a black and white picture in the comments. I’d prefer it be your picture but it can be a favorite you found on Flickr (or anywhere). The only thing I ask is that you make sure there’s no adult content, like full frontal nudity. On Wednesday Sept. 3, I’ll choose my two favorite photos. My #1 fave will get their choice of the grey or red button and my #2 fave will get the other one. (That sounds so cold, lol.)

I can’t wait to see your photos, I love B&W!


7 Responses

  1. 120 mini frames

    black and white, actually in color!! (is that cheating!?) =)

  2. Those pincushions are adorable. Growing up our livingroom and dining room was all black and white.
    Here’s something black and white from my shop

  3. My fave black and white photo out of my flickr

    Tie experiment

    love the fat knot tie!

  4. I have no need for these but just wanted to tell you they are adorable.

  5. in the breeze.

    I chose this photo of mine because I think of Summer road trips when I look at it, and I’m holding tightly to the last threads of Summer as we speak…

    Lovely pincushions! You are such a crafty lady!

  6. I wanna try! Here’s a photo I took of my younger brother a few years ago:

    Hope you like it! xo

  7. […] those of you who haven’t entered, just go here and post your fave black and white […]

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